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Jazz Styles: History and Analysis by Mark C. Gridley

Jazz Styles: History and Analysis  by Mark C. Gridley
  • Author Mark C. Gridley
  • Title Jazz Styles: History and Analysis
  • Category Arts & Photography
  • Subcategory Music
  • ISBN 0132609851
  • ISBN13 978-0132609852
  • Size PDF 1306 kb
  • Size FB2 1463 kb
  • Size EPUB 1948 kb
  • Publisher Prentice Hall; 6 edition (July 15, 1996)
  • Language English
  • Rating 4.2
  • Votes 910
  • Pages 442 pages

For undergraduate courses in Introduction to Jazz and History of Jazz. This broad and encompassing survey provides a rich, informative, and chronological study of jazz, with insightful commentaries on it's origins, and full descriptions of the various styles of jazz and the personalities that have contributed to this innovative form of music. The text helps musicians and non-musicians alike increase their appreciation and enjoyment of jazz. When purchased packaged with Jazz Styles the Jazz Classics and Jazz Demonstration CD's are available at a discounted price. Want to include more historical recordings for your study of jazz? Order a text package that includes the FREE Prentice Hall Jazz Collection CD. Click on PACKAGE OPTIONS on the left for more details.

Reviews about Jazz Styles: History and Analysis by Mark C. Gridley

The worst ebook I have ever bought. It does not have a working table of content, page numbers, and there are random pictures of brown frames that break up the texts that are completely useless. The first letter of every word that starts the chapter is attached to the picture. This makes reading it hard. You will have a single word on a line, and a page that has half a paragraph on it leaving the rest of the page blank. My professor will say, "read about this subject on page 286" and I am like...let the scavenger hunt began. This book needs a complete redo. It also has links that do not work. Seriously, this book was thrown together with little effort and lots of bugs. I spent more time trying to decipher the layout of the book than I did reading the subject matter.
The tracks are broken up into separate MP3 files - so you don't get to listen to the entire track at one time. I found the format very distracting. I bought the 11th edition instead - much better!

Note that each edition of the CDs has different content - so you need the 11th edition of the CDs for the 11th edition of the book
I agree with the other person who complained about the Kindle version. It is horrible. No table of contents. No page numbers. Not a complete waste of money but certainly not the happiest about my purchase.
Just want to add this picture to show how I received the book.
The kindle version of this book is horrible. The pages aren't numbered and I'm not even sure on what chapter I'm on.
This book has such a wealth of information and leads for listening and further information. Its everything you ever wished you knew and wanted to know about the origins of jazz. This book is a service to American culture and society. Gridley should have won a Pulitzer Prize for this book!
A beautiful big book which is an essential for anyone needing names bios style description of the major and minor players in jazz history and their influence and inter relationships. With an excellent well developed appendix for the practicing musician, and an excellent index. Highly recommend Ed.