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Trouble at Betts Pets by Kelly Easton

Trouble at Betts Pets  by Kelly Easton
  • Author Kelly Easton
  • Title Trouble at Betts Pets
  • Category Children's Books
  • Subcategory Animals
  • ISBN 0763615803
  • ISBN13 978-0763615802
  • Size PDF 1987 kb
  • Size FB2 1651 kb
  • Size EPUB 1665 kb
  • Publisher Candlewick; 1st edition (April 1, 2002)
  • Language English
  • Rating 4.3
  • Votes 704
  • Pages 144 pages

When animals start disappearing from his parents’ pet store, Aaron finds an unexpected ally to help solve the mystery in this upbeat, kid-friendly novel for middle-grade readers.Aaron Betts has an unusual way of looking at things. After spending almost every afternoon and weekend at his parents’ pet shop, he can’t help but think of people as animals. His flit-about mom is a canary, his father a basset hound, his fifth-grade teacher a gecko, and his stuck-up classmate, Sharon Trout - who is tutoring him in math - a Siamese cat. But Aaron has other things on his mind, too: his neighborhood is not what it used to be, ever since bulldozers leveled the community garden across the street and left an eccentric old lady named Bertha out in the cold. To make matters worse, the family business is losing business - and animals, one by one, are vanishing into thin air.As suspenseful as it is funny, Kelly Easton’s lighthearted tale makes a comical case for overcoming first impressions, while her quirky, observant narrator will feel like a friend long after the book is closed.

Reviews about Trouble at Betts Pets by Kelly Easton

A great book to read aloud to the kids. They will look forward it every day.
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This story is about a boy named Aaron who is in the 5 grade. Aaron's family owns a pet store where he spends most his time. Aaron is struggling in school and his teacher assigns a tutor Sharon Trout. Sharon is a stickup rich selfless person. Aaron and Sharon tutor at the pet store and visit with the animals. The business is loosing business and becoming broke. Aaron and Sharon are starting to relies animals are missing. They have a stake out at the store and find that a person named Captain Blue was taking animals to empress somebody and putting them back.

My opinion of the story is that it is well written because it all goes in order. They use very descriptive words to describe the characters. The story is very easy to follow because it does not go back in fourth. It also made you very curious because you did not no what would happen. Someone else should read this book because it is interesting. It is a very gripping mystery book. Every body should own their own copy.
I loved this book. Sharon Trout is so funny and Aaron seemed as real as any of my friends. I also thought it taut good lessons about being kind to others because Aaron tries to take care of Bertha who is homless.