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Getting A Grip On The Basics-Health And Healing by JONES BETH

Getting A Grip On The Basics-Health And Healing  by JONES BETH
  • Author JONES BETH
  • Title Getting A Grip On The Basics-Health And Healing
  • Category Christian Books & Bibles
  • Subcategory Bible Study & Reference
  • ISBN 0971715602
  • ISBN13 978-0971715608
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  • Publisher WORD And SPIRIT RESOURCES, LLC; Workbook edition (March 1, 2010)
  • Language English
  • Rating 4.1
  • Votes 231
  • Pages 95 pages

God really wants people to be whole, healthy and healed! How do you tap into God's healing power for today? In this fill-in-the-blank Bible study you'll discover: God's plan for health and healing, answers to common questions and objections regarding God's healing power today, the Bible explanation for Paul's thorn and Job's boils, Jesus healing ministry then and now, how to be well by using good common sense and tapping into God's healing power through Jesus Christ by faith!

Reviews about Getting A Grip On The Basics-Health And Healing by JONES BETH

GETTING A GRIP ON BASICS by Beth Jones is excellent for new believers or for older believers wanting to review the basics of the faith. We are using it at church to help disciple new believers in a class we hold weekly. We looked for a curriculum for converts which would help them get a firm foundation in the faith, explain the basic doctrine, and lead them into a closer, lifelong relationship with the Lord. This is perfect.

Beth Jones extensively uses scriptures at every stage - sending the believer into the Word to discover for themselves, God's truth. Questions like:

What is salvation?
Who is Jesus?
How can I know I am saved?
What does it mean to be saved?

How do I approach God?
What is He like?
How does prayer work?

Who is the Holy Spirit?
What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit?
Do I have to speak in tongues?
What are the gifts?

How do I grow in relationship with God?
How does this all work?

Sometimes these questions can seem complicated; especially to "baby" Christians. Jones breaks them down and makes the study incredibly straight-forward and simple. Some of us older believers have lifted our eyebrows more than once at the power and ease with which she addresses all topics. The best aspect is her use the Bible as the source of all of her teaching. There is no private interpretation here, just the power of the Word of God. Our faith has been quicken and our understanding deepened by this study.

Beth - thanks for this work! It is a blessing for new and old!
Freaky Hook
Very detailed book to understand.
Very good bible study.
I've been following Beth on TV and it prompted me to get this book. I will enjoy doing the study
Great learning tool
blac wolf
This book is going beyond expectations! We are using it for our text at Bible Study weekly. The whole church is being changed and transformed into the image of Christ! Everyone, regardless of length of time in walking with the Lord, is being challenged to stretch and grow. I gave it four stars only because we are not even halfway through the book.
Good to use in a beginning discipleship class. Easy flow to the content for each lesson. Easy reading makes understanding of the basic principles easy.
great book