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Marvel Masterworks: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 by Steve Ditko,Stan Lee

Marvel Masterworks: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1  by Steve Ditko,Stan Lee
  • Author Steve Ditko,Stan Lee
  • Title Marvel Masterworks: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1
  • Category Comics & Graphic Novels
  • Subcategory Graphic Novels
  • ISBN 0785112561
  • ISBN13 978-0785112563
  • Size PDF 1973 kb
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  • Size EPUB 1951 kb
  • Publisher Marvel Enterprises (September 30, 2003)
  • Language English
  • Rating 4.3
  • Votes 363
  • Pages 256 pages

Reviews about Marvel Masterworks: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 1 by Steve Ditko,Stan Lee

is perfect present for my boyfriend
Got my product in a very timely fashion and I have no complaints. Seller contacted me to make sure this was what I wanted, which I thought was very helpful. - JB
cant wait to get Stan Lee to sign this at the comic con!!!!So excited for her. What we do for our kids:)
When high school teen Peter Parker attends a science exhibit, his life is soon forever changed. During a demonstration on radioactive rays, a spider accidentally absorbs some of the radiation. Parker is bitten by the spider and later learns he has obtained the spiders abilities.

Peter Parker can now stick to most surfaces, possesses beyond super human strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, and agility. He has obtained an early danger warning sense called "the spider sense". He also creates devices called the "web shooters", which fires a webbing solution created from his own formula in order to assist him in battle and travel at great speeds. Later, tragedy strikes and Parker realizes that with great power also comes great responsibility. He eventually becomes a costumed vigilante calling himself Spider-Man.-summary

In 1962 the legendary Stan Lee along with Steve Ditko would go on to not only create the most interesting comic book character of that era, but someone whom would also go on to become the most popular character for a very long time and in many people's eyes the face of comic books: The Amazing Spider-Man. This character was an instant hit back then simply because he broke the rules on what a superhero should be. While teenage superheroes such as Robin and Bucky mainly stood in as side kicks to their older bosses (Batman and Captain America respectively). Spider-Man was a teenager with extraordinary powers whom had to teach himself the ropes. He had no one to take him under his wing, and he simply had to learn the life of being a superhero the hard way. This TPB collects Amazing Fantasy # 15 along with The Amazing Spider-Man issues 1-10.

While looking back at these earlier issues; I can see the beginnings of when comics began to change from funnies into something a bit more mature. Now don't get me wrong, these stories are still light hearted fun anyone of any age can get into, but Stan Lee had more to deliver here than the superhero saving cats from trees.

Peter Parker isn't exactly someone to look up to due to him being a geeky kid who's constantly bullied and rejected at school; but there's just something about him that one must admire. He constantly strives to do better, be responsible with his powers, and in some way provide for his Aunt May whom has helped as his guardian for years. There's always something interesting taking place in Peter's life, but his life as a superhero is clearly what stands above all, and this wouldn't be possible if not for the many challenges he has to overcome. This brings me to his colorful and notorious rogues gallery; the TPB features various first appearances of villains whom would go on to become classics, and these confrontations are just so fun to read. The stakes feel so high against Dr. Octopus as he truly seems like an unstoppable foe; in fact, he hands Spider-Man his first crushing defeat. Many enemies put Spider-Man's powers to the test, as he battles against Electro, Sandman, Dr. Doom and even the Fantastic Four. Stan Lee's writing was very good here, and he would eventually step things up in later issues. The only small problem can be some of the artwork at times. It can feel dated, yet it still delivers the goods.

The Amazing Spider-Man Volume One is a wonderful collection of stories that I highly recommend to fans of the characters, and those just interested in his beginning. The stories aren't totally over the top which can be a good thing, but they aren't eye rolling campy either. Definitely give these stories a read some day.

Pros: Very interesting hero and villains, stories are still pretty strong

Cons: Artwork shows age
There isn't much about Spider-Man that the average earthling doesn't already know: nerd bitten by a radioactive spider, first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15, lost his uncle and, oh yeah, "with great power comes great responsibility".
But there IS more to know.
In the beginning Peter couldn't catch a break with a webbed mitt. He lost his job, his girl and his self respect almost every day. Ah, high school, remember? And if that wasn't enough, he blamed himself so much for his Uncle Ben's death that he HAD to go out there and beat up Doc Ock, the Lizard and an endless array of diverse villians - even if he had a test tomorrow!
The stories are legendary but so is the art. If you have never seen the work of Steve Ditko then I envy you the new experience. His quirky characterizations just fit the mood of our arachnid misfit. It is safe to say Spidey's adventures would never have touched so many of us geeks and outcasts had he not been rendered by Mr. Ditko.
If this is new to you then enjoy. The only way it could be better would be to be in high school again - but who needs that?!
Spider-Man was created in the early 60's against all reasonable ideas. The character broke all of the rules of comics at the time, and continued to for many, many years to come. (The Comic-Code, the Wedding...)

This is a reprint of the first appearance of Spider-Man, the origin, and the first ten issues of the first title, The Amazing Spider-Man, which sets up a lot of the early story arcs and bad guy origins. This is a must-have if you claim to be a fan of Spider-Man. It is one thing to know the story, it is another to actually have read it and this book allows us to.

I know that these volumes are a bit pricey, but you can usually find reasonably priced used ones on here. I got this first edition, a little beat up, for just a couple of bucks. Well worth it for the early writings of Stan Lee as well as the great early work of Steve Ditko!
This book is the foundation of Spider man. It begins with the very first Spiderman story form 1962. Superman and DC it ain't our man suffers form a lot of personal problems perscripted para previous posters. A sad and revelaing tale of a geek who unexpectedly obtains super powers which goes to his head until his irresponsibility causes his Uncle's murder ("With power comes responsibility.") We also get into the reasons for the bully Flash Thompson and hsi boss J. Jonah Jamerson's hatred of our webbed hero. it may seem like a delight for armchair analysis, but this really makes for good reading and was an early example of the transformaton of comic books from kid's stuff to graphic novels.
The artwork is early Ditko and Stan Lee hasn't hit his full stride yet, but this is classic early Marvel. Simply put: it was nothing like anything else in the drug store on the comic shelf. We all knew what to expect from a DC comic, but Stan Lee and Company surprised us issue after issue. DC comics all looked alike, but Marvel titles all had individual looks based on the artist--Kirby and Ditko and Heck and Wood and (later) Romita. Great stuff to look forward to each month. The colors reproduced here aren't the same, but today we wouldn't tolerate the crude printing we had then--rarely did colors stay within the "lines." If you want to see early comics at their best, pick this up.