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Managing Water: Avoiding Crisis in California by Ms. Dorothy Green

Managing Water: Avoiding Crisis in California  by Ms. Dorothy Green
  • Author Ms. Dorothy Green
  • Title Managing Water: Avoiding Crisis in California
  • Category Engineering & Transportation
  • Subcategory Engineering
  • ISBN 0520253272
  • ISBN13 978-0520253278
  • Size PDF 1172 kb
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  • Publisher University of California Press; First edition (October 9, 2007)
  • Language English
  • Rating 4.1
  • Votes 138
  • Pages 336 pages

Water in California is controlled, stored, delivered, and managed within a complex network of interlocking and cooperating districts and agencies. Unraveling and understanding this system is not easy. This book describes how the current system works (or doesn't work) and discusses the issues that face elected officials, water and resource managers, and the general public. Using the Los Angeles area as a microcosm of the state, environmental activist Dorothy Green gathers detailed information on its water systems and applies the lessons learned from this data statewide. A useful primer on watershed and water policy issues, this book provides reasoned, thoughtful, and insightful arguments about sustainability.

Reviews about Managing Water: Avoiding Crisis in California by Ms. Dorothy Green

Dorothy Green pulled together a number of experts to put this book together and the history and insight packed in here make this worth the price of admission. If you call UC Press, I am sure they will do a reprint ... they just need to know there is a readership out there. In addition, we should ask them to put this on Kindle. This is the kind of book from which one is inclined to pull quotes.

The section on agricultural use of water in California is quite interesting; she posits that if we realigned who could grow what where, this would have a huge positive impact on overall water consumption and on the longevity of our agricultural lands, particularly in desert regions. The book states that cotton, alfalfa and rice use disproportionate quantities of water and, in desert climes, ultimately ruin the soils upon which they are planted. Sacramento is heavily influenced by agriculture, so making this change would be a challenge, but Ms. Green was always up for a challenge.

A good book for learning the basics about water in California. Even if you think you know the subject, you'll learn more here.
This product gives a comprehensive history of water politics in California and analysis of all the agencies involved in water politics today. It is a primer for anyone seriously interested in understanding the complexity of California's water politics.
A classic.
The product arrived in time and in great condition. It was exactly as described with out any markings. It was as if it was brand new. I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you!