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Masters of Their Own Destiny (170P) by Moses Coady

Masters of Their Own Destiny (170P)  by Moses Coady
  • Author Moses Coady
  • Title Masters of Their Own Destiny (170P)
  • Category History
  • Subcategory Americas
  • ISBN 0887800114
  • ISBN13 978-0887800115
  • Size PDF 1826 kb
  • Size FB2 1142 kb
  • Size EPUB 1871 kb
  • Publisher Formac (January 1, 1980)
  • Language English
  • Rating 4.2
  • Votes 566
  • Pages 172 pages

Reviews about Masters of Their Own Destiny (170P) by Moses Coady

An excellent book on the cooperative movement which in the future I believe will become popular again.
This year (2009) the 50th anniversary of the Coady International Institute is being celebrated. "Masters of their Own Destiny" written 70 years ago in 1939 by Moses Coady is as relevant today as it was then. A couple of dedicated men with an idea that cooperation could result in a better life for the many has seen the few success stories related in the book multiplied a 1000 times around the world through the efforts of the Extension Department of a small university (St. Francis Xavier) in a small town (Antigonish) in a small corner of the world (Nova Scotia). Mass meetings of adults with a common interest and problem led to study groups (adult education) that led to the building of schools, local canneries, credit unions, medical insurance associations, etc. through cooperative effort. This book deserves to be reprinted as is and used as a blueprint for solving some of today's economic problems even more widely.