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Reviews about John Adams by DAVID MCCULLOUGH

I don't know how to describe this book. I am an avid reader but have not read a lot of history because I never seemed to finish the books. I couldn't stop reading this one. Have you ever been so engaged that you walk and read and the same time? That you carry the book with you everywhere you go in the hopes you will have a spare minute to crack it open and absorb a few pages? Well this book did that for me. I did not think I would find John Adams compelling but the book won a Pulitzer and I had heard the hype so I thought "why not?". This book is very well written. It covers the scope of John Adams' life in it's entirety - with honesty and sensitivity. I was inspired by the genius cluster that founded our nation, the danger and uncertainty they went through with complete fortitude. This book is so relevant today because it helps us understand the thought and consideration Adams and other men went through when considering the construction of our government and their understanding of human nature that provided them the insight to create laws that to this day afford us the freedoms we enjoy. The topics of women's rights, slavery, military strength, the economy, immigration are all touched on as they had the forethought to understand what was coming. I wish there were more people serving in public office today like those original founders and especially John Adams.
David McCullough has brought history to life for me like no one and nothing else ever has. The first book of his I picked up was 1776 and I was hooked by the second paragraph. It was the beginning of a very wonderful love affair. McCullough's commitment to research enables him to create a broad and in depth picture of his characters and their environment. I fell in love with George Washington and learned so much about him I'd not known. I flew with the Wright Brothers, lived with Harry and Bess Truman, painted with the Masters in The Greater Journey and helped build the Panama Canal! I'd like to have had John Adams as a father! We need men with his integrity, calm, intelligence and common sense today! In this day of political turmoil this book prepared me to understand how we got here and where we may be headed.
The difficulty in reviewing a book like David McCullough's "John Adams" is that you know that whatever you write, it will not do the book justice. So, with that said, I will affirm that this is one of the best books I have ever read, much less one of the best biographies. It has been said that McCullough "rescued" Adams from relative obscurity, and I must agree. Having read this most important story, it is amazing to me that there is no monument on the National Mall in honor of John Adams. There are numerous points in his career where it may be said that if not for John Adams, the United States of America would not exist. His importance in our history cannot be overstated. I am glad that Tom Hanks took it upon himself to produce an award-winning miniseries based on this book, so that many more Americans who will not undertake its reading, may still benefit from the story of its hero. Let me just state a couple of brief takeaways: 1) Two of the most long-lasting and defining attributes of America are its form of government (bicameral legislature, strong executive, and independent judiciary), and the peaceful transfer of power; and 2) that there is nothing new under the sun. If you think that the extremes of speech or action undertaken in our times regarding elections, manipulation, the press, or the extreme passions on every part of the political spectrum are new, then you need to read more history. Compared to what has gone before us in this great nation, I am more convinced than ever, that we will be just fine.
Funny duck
John Adams seems to be the "forgotten" founding father, taking a backseat to Washington and Jefferson. I had never read much of anything about John Adams and his role in America's founding and early history and after reading this book I have a new appreciation for what a major contributor John A. was. He participated in all facets of the work to put together the new country and seemed to be one of the most humble of contributors. The interaction between John and his wife Abigail was fascinating. She was a learned woman with strong opinions and never hesitated to share those with her husband throughout his career. She was a strong independent woman and ran the family business when John was away for many years at a time doing the business of the new country as an ambassador to multiple European countries. Very impressive woman. The interplay between Adams and Jefferson was especially interesting, with Adams coming off as a well grounded, honest, humble adult while Jefferson came off as a spoiled, arrogant, not completely honest politician. It was of interest to find that Adams, being from Massachusetts, i.e. a northerner, was against slavery as was his wife while the Virginians, Jefferson and Washington, seemed to have no qualms about slavery even though they were fighting for freedom/independence themselves. I wish that I had a better appreciation for Adams long ago. This book provided a perspective I never had before and was an enjoyable read.
Golden freddi
David McCullough is an excellent author and I'm so happy that I took the time to read this particular book on John Adams. Drawing upon diary entries, letters, logs, etc that Adams was kind and careful to preserve for us, gave McCullough all the material that he needed to weave together the life and events of John Adams. What an incredible journey that the reader is taken on. Many times I felt that I was right there watching it all happen. This book is that good! What an extraordinary man John Adams was which he would definitely disagree with me on. But he was an extraordinary man, surrounded by extraordinary men living in extraordinary times!