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The Extraordinary Tide by Erin Belieu,Jeremy Countryman,Susan Aizenberg

The Extraordinary Tide  by Erin Belieu,Jeremy Countryman,Susan Aizenberg
  • Author Erin Belieu,Jeremy Countryman,Susan Aizenberg
  • Title The Extraordinary Tide
  • Category Literature & Fiction
  • Subcategory History & Criticism
  • ISBN 0231119623
  • ISBN13 978-0231119627
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  • Publisher Columbia University Press (March 15, 2001)
  • Language English
  • Rating 4.6
  • Votes 148
  • Pages 496 pages

A collection of nearly 400 poems by more than 100 different writers, The Extraordinary Tide synthesizes and celebrates an entire era of poetry by women in America. Long overdue, the anthology includes America's most recognized poets as well as those emerging as exciting new artists of contemporary verse.Featuring recent work by poets as aesthetically diverse as Ai, Jane Kenyon, Ann Lauterbach, Carolyn Forché, and Leslie Scalapino, the collection is the most complete map now available of a vastly underexplored landscape in American writing. Also included are poems by Julia Alvarez, Lucille Clifton, Alice Fulton, Tess Gallagher, Amy Gerstler, Jane Hirschfield, Heather McHugh, Alice Notley, Lucia Perillo, Marie Ponsot, Mary Jo Salter, Ellen Bryant Voigt, C. D. Wright, and many others."The delights of this anthology are in its plurality, its collection of such a rich and varied sampling of that tide flooding American shores."―from the Foreword by Eleanor Wilner, author of Otherwise and Sarah's Choice

Reviews about The Extraordinary Tide by Erin Belieu,Jeremy Countryman,Susan Aizenberg

I have not read the book but I did look at the table of contents. Wonderful writers and poems. And yet if this book is to represent American women's voices, there are voices not present. Where is the multicultural women's anthology? This is not to say that there are no multicultural poets included, but for a more diverse table of contents, I always return to Unsettling America: An Anthology of Contemporary Multicultural Poetry by Maria Gillan and Jennifer Gillan. Although this anthology includes men and women - I still find this a necessary book to share with my students. I hope that The Extraordinary Tide and women poets from Gillan's anthology can be combined- time to update the diversity of women's poetic voices.
This book was designed by women about women but it's for all of us. The editors, Susan Aizenberg and Eric Belieu with a foreword by Eleanor Wilner. The poetry are written by some known and some unknown poets. The poetesses include the following: Marjorie Agosin; Ai; Susan Aizenberg; Sandra Alcoser; Elizabeth Alexander; Pamela Alexander; Julia Alvarez; Angela Ball; Dorothy Barresi; Erin Belieu; LInda Bierds; Chana Bloch; Michelle Boisseau; Catherine Bowman; Lucie Brock-Broido; Olga Broumas; Teresa Cader; Marilyn Chin; Lucille Clifton; Judith Ortiz Cofer; Martha COllins; Jane Cooper; Kate Daniels; Madeline DeFrees; Toi Derricotte; Deborah Digges; Rita Dove; Nancy Eimers; Lynn Emanuel; Angie Estes; Kathy Fagan; Candice Favilla; Carolyn Forche; Alice Fulton; Tess Gallagher; Amy Gerstler; Patricia Goedicke; Beckian Fritz Goldberg; Jorie Graham; Linda Gregorson; Linda Gregg; Marilyn Hacker; Rachel Hadas; Kimiko Hadas, Susan Hahn; Brenda Hillman; Jane Hirshfield; Linda Hogan; Janet Holmes; Fanny Howe; Marie Howe; Lynda Hull; Barbara Jordan; Allison Joseph; Brigit Pegeen Kelly; Jane Kenyon; Mary Kinzie; Carolyn Kizer; Maxine Kumin; Ann Lauterbach; Dorianne Laux; Cleopatra Mathis; Gail Mazur; Heather McHugh; Lynne McMahon; Sandra McPherson; Jane Miller; Susan Mitchell; Thylias Moss; Lisel Mueller; Laura Mullen; Carol Muske; Marilyn Nelson; Alice Notley; Naomi Shihab Nye; Sharon Olds; Jacqueline Osherow; Alicia Suskin Ostriker; Linda Pastan; Molly Peacock; Lucia Perillo; Marie Ponsot; Minnie Bruce Pratt; Claudia Rankine; Hilda Raz; Martha Rhodes; Adrienne Rich; Mary Ruefle; Kay Ryan; Mary Jo Salter; Leslie Scalapino; Grace SChulman; Maureen Seaton; Rebecca Seiferle; Vivian Shipley; Aleda Shirley; Betsy Sholl; Maurya Simon; Cathy Song; Elizabeth Spires; Pamela Stewart; Susan Stewart; Ruth Stone; Stephanie Strickland; Teresa Svoboda; Ann Townsend; Chase Twichell; Leslie Ullman; Jean Valentine; Mona Van Duyn; Ellen Bryant Voigt; Belle Waring; Rosanna Warren; Rachel Wetzsteon; Susan Wheeler; Elinor Wilner, and C.D WRight. The book concludes with a brief biography of each contributor.
Love Me
I believe that upon reading the anthology it would be clear that there is a bounty of cultural diversity within it. Perhaps, it would help to become familiar with the poems and the writers before passing a judgement as to the spectrum which the anthology covers. Many of the writers who were somewhat obscure when this was first published are now fairly well known. The poems speak of many varied cultural experiences, that carry the reader from a small home in the suburbs to war time conditions in varied locations around the world.

Personally, I would love to see a new edition from these editors that would represent the poetic changes in voice over the last decade.