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Taking Lottie Home: A Novel by Terry Kay

Taking Lottie Home: A Novel  by Terry Kay
  • Author Terry Kay
  • Title Taking Lottie Home: A Novel
  • Category Literature & Fiction
  • Subcategory Genre Fiction
  • ISBN 0688176461
  • ISBN13 978-0688176464
  • Size PDF 1164 kb
  • Size FB2 1205 kb
  • Size EPUB 1497 kb
  • Publisher William Morrow; 1st edition (September 19, 2000)
  • Language English
  • Rating 4.6
  • Votes 714
  • Pages 304 pages

Taking Lottie Home is a story of generations bound inexplicably together by "the odd way that life, or circumstance, bumps people around, sends them colliding into one another." It is an elegantly written story of love given, love returned, and love remembered that no reader will ever forget.

When Foster Lanier and Ben Phelps are released from a professional baseball team in 1904, it is the only experience they have in common until they meet a runaway--a girl-woman named Lottie Parker--on the train that takes them from Augusta, Georgia, and away from their dreams of greatness.

Foster will marry her and father her son.

Ben will escort her home.

And Lottie will change the lives of everyone she meets from the day she runs away until she finally finds the place where she belongs.

The story of Lottie reveals the life of a rare woman who never completely loses the innocence of her dreams--although she leaves home as a prostitute and works the girlie tent in a traveling carnival. Her marriage to Foster and the birth of her son are part of her dream. Having Ben care for her following Foster's death, being accepted into the home of Margaret Phelps, Ben's mother, and meeting Arthur Ledford, the father of Ben's fiancee are fragments of the dream as well.

With a turn-of-the-century setting affected by lingering memories of the Civil War and Reconstruction and by startling promises of a new world--electricity, the telephone, the airplane, the automobile--Terry Kay returns with a story that honors the amazing capacity we have to love and care for one another that earned him international praise for his novel To Dance with the White Dog.

Reviews about Taking Lottie Home: A Novel by Terry Kay

A very readable story that tells what goes on in the character's lives and allows the reader to dwell on the reasons for their choices. One wonders at the impact one woman can have on such different lives.
One of the best books I've ever read. Written as only Terry Kay could relay such a tender love story for the ages. Oh, how I will miss these rich characters.
I met Terry Kay recently at a Book festival. Several in my writers group spoke very well of his books. Since I valued their opinion I began with Lotties' story. The scenes were well set, the book flowed well, the characters jumped off the page and events were so plausible. It was a please to read and contemplate each personality. It was a story well told. I'm hooked.
Mother read the whole book but the story seemed to not stick to the overview and left her a bit hoe hum...
deadly claw
Terry Kay always has wonderful character development. I recommend it to anyone who likes Terry Kay books. I would like for Lottie to be my next door neighbor.
Taking Lottie Home is a fast read with a twisting plot and outcome. The story developed a little slow at first, but soon became a page turner!
I worked with Terry in college and was pleasantly surprised when I found his books. I've read almost all of them and have loved every one. I feel like I'm right there in the place he's writing about. They are so believable and take me home in each one.
Loved this book. Read 7 other riveting books by this writer. Cannot wait to get onto a new one. Could not put this book down.