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Saint Maybe by Anne Tyler

Saint Maybe  by Anne Tyler
  • Author Anne Tyler
  • Title Saint Maybe
  • Category Literature & Fiction
  • Subcategory Contemporary
  • ISBN 0701137878
  • ISBN13 978-0701137878
  • Size PDF 1199 kb
  • Size FB2 1755 kb
  • Size EPUB 1880 kb
  • Publisher Chatto and Windus; 1st edition (October 3, 1991)
  • Language English
  • Rating 4.1
  • Votes 675
  • Pages 338 pages

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Reviews about Saint Maybe by Anne Tyler

I like Anne Tyler but had never read this book. I read an NPR reviewers list of the best books of this century, and this book was on the list. It is very thought-provoking about why we make the choices that we do. Her characters are very real and likable. I could re-read this book and enjoy it, and there are very few authors/book I could say that about--particularly modern authors.
When reading Anne Tyler's books, I often think they are all about dysfunctional families, but perhaps they are normal families. After all, no family is perfect. This book is no exception. It focuses on the issues of guilt and forgiveness. Ian Bedloe feels guilty, as he believes his butting into other's personal lives caused two suicides. He then becomes involved in a small, nontraditional church in an attempt to atone for the sin that he feels he committed.

Ms. Tyler portrayed the characters well and I felt as if I knew most of them. However, I thought the book was slow in parts and could have been shortened. Although the book was well written, I didn't enjoy it as much as the other books of hers that I have read. Maybe that's because Ian always seemed depressed or guilty and unable to forgive himself. Anyway, that is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.
Strong, human characters deal with the unexpected in realistic but compelling ways.Ian is another fascinating leading man from Anne Tyler. The family and community members are vaguely familiar -- similar to others I know or have known -- yet I was never quite sure what will come next. Read this as part of my book club, and highly recommend it for discussion! It is hard to pick up all of the nuances from a single read.
Poor Ian Bedloe! Filled with grief, encumbered by guilt, looking for forgiveness, and needing love; Ian Bedloe begins a journey hoping to find all of the above. Your heart truly goes out to Ian and his family as they encounter hurdles and hurts as well as trying to deal with each other. The Church of Second Chance offers exactly what Ian is looking for and needs.
People might think that this is a book for Christians only, but it is most certainly not. It is a book for humanity. It speaks to how each of need to have a second chance in life to make things right. We all need the opportunity to right a wrong.
Anne Tyler speaks to us all through the pages of this book. She really makes an effort to force the reader to look over his/her life and see if there was a second chance that we missed.
I was fairly happy with this book. I saw the movie on Hallmark and was disappointed with the second half so I didn't expect much from the book but was pleasantly surprised. Like some other readers I felt the ending was somewhat anti-climatic it was still a good read and I enjoyed the character development.
I read this book on recommendation, and did not know what to expect. It was a good read with a tender, sweet ending that brought tears at the truth of it. A great midnight read for summer nights.
Despite the many life-altering, sad, depressing occurances that happen in this book and the theme of death happening to a family that runs through this novel, this is not a terribly depressing book. Yes many sad things do happen and you witness the characters disillusionment, but honestly the unfaltering faith of Ian in himself and his love for his family keeps this novel moving and keeps it from sticking on the mopey side. It is such a touching novel and so clearly depicts the variances one single family can have along with some of the worst tragedies a family can face...this is a lovely coming of age novel.
I love Ann Tyler, and each one of her books.