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Elf Fantastic (Fantasy Anthology) by Martin Harry Greenberg

Elf Fantastic (Fantasy Anthology)  by Martin Harry Greenberg
  • Author Martin Harry Greenberg
  • Title Elf Fantastic (Fantasy Anthology)
  • Category Literature & Fiction
  • Subcategory Short Stories & Anthologies
  • ISBN 0886777364
  • ISBN13 978-0886777364
  • Size PDF 1240 kb
  • Size FB2 1604 kb
  • Size EPUB 1899 kb
  • Publisher DAW; First Edition edition (April 1, 1997)
  • Language English
  • Rating 4.7
  • Votes 250

A collection of original tales by such authors as Jane Yolen, Mickey Zucker Reichert, John DeChancie, Dennis McKiernan, Andre Norton, and Jennifer Roberson features the elfish exploits of wood sprites both valiant and mischievous. Original.

Reviews about Elf Fantastic (Fantasy Anthology) by Martin Harry Greenberg

The stories in this are, as the title suggests, fantastic! ::giggles:: It IS a must! If there is one creature i adore the most it is the elf. They are fascinating, beautiful, gentle creatures and, although I distaste with a few of the ideas that elves are always mischievous and look like something out of Santa's workshops, you can't hold a grudge on Earth beliefs, can you? Frankly, I believe elves truly exist and come in many sizes and forms. They are all around us, watching us with cautious curiousity for they fear the Earthling mind and all its destroying thoughts. I believe that if an Earthling could just find the true, wild spirit within then perhaps this world would be more unified. Anyway, read ELF FANTASTIC and revel in its beauty! It is certainly a jewel to behold. And don't skip " The Changeling " (it's magnificant.......except that they've got the world slightly wrong.......heh......) Enjoy!
My two friends and I bought copies of this book, but I was the only one to finish it. They are both Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter fans. Both were expecting Legolas or maybe Dobby, but neither are to be found here.
What is found is this anthology is all manners of elves from all kinds of mythology. From the tiny fairies of England, to the leprechauns of Ireland, to the thin, elegant, trickster elves of Norse mythology- this anthology has it all.
Out of the 19 stories contained in this novel, some of the more famous authors are Andre Norton, Tanya Huff, Jody Lynn Nye, and Michelle West. Out of all the stories, the best by far is � All That Glitters� by C.J. Henderson, a dark fantasy story guaranteed to chill you to your marrow.
So I recommend this book for fans of Daw and Martin Greenberg anthologies, but if you�re looking for a Lord of the Rings anthology, try After the King, ISBN: 0765302071.
Many of the stories in Elf Fantastic are incredibly well written. Martin H. Greenberg has done a wonderful job on this one.
One story that I must give particular praise to is "Jerlayne" by Lynn Abbey. This is by far the best tale I have ever read. The characters are vivid and the plot is all-encompasing. Lynn Abbey is truly a fabulous writer. "Jerlayne" is completely beautiful, suspenseful and captivating. Personal thanks to Abbey for so moving me with her writing :)
Some of my other favorites in the anthology were -- "The dancing ring", "The girl who was taken into the hill" and "I sing the dark riders"
I cannot say enough good things about this book. I guarantee that anyone fascinated by the Sidhe, as I am, will fall in love with Elf Fantastic. I can't stress enough the degree of quality in this anthology. I would strongly recommend it to anyone interested in reading quality fantasy. (This one is a must have!)