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Easy to Kill by Agatha Christie

Easy to Kill  by Agatha Christie
  • Author Agatha Christie
  • Title Easy to Kill
  • Category Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
  • Subcategory Mystery
  • ISBN 0553350552
  • ISBN13 978-0553350555
  • Size PDF 1806 kb
  • Size FB2 1483 kb
  • Size EPUB 1278 kb
  • Publisher Bantam Books (April 1, 1987)
  • Language English
  • Rating 4.1
  • Votes 238
  • Pages 200 pages

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Reviews about Easy to Kill by Agatha Christie

Murder is Easy is a Christie mystery that should have been made by Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock's recurring theme of the guy caught up in a mystery by pure happenstance (I am thinking particularly of North by Northwest and The 39 Steps) is the plot herein, but with a twist---the man, Luke Fitzwilliam herein, has a choice whether to get involved or not. Having shared a train compartment with a talkative lady Mr. Fitzwilliam listened politely as the lady described how people were mysteriously dropping dead in her town and that she was of the mind that it wasn't by accident; that someone was behind all the deaths, all seemingly occurring by accident. She further informs Mr. Fitzwilliam that if she is right then the local doctor will be the next likely to fall "by some sort of accident." But when he later reads that this lady herself was run down seemingly by accident on the way to Scotland Yard to report her suppositions and then that local doctor is befallen by "an accident" too then he has a choice to make. Does he get involved or not? He is, after all, a retired policeman (and a creation of Agatha Christie) with more than a natural curiosity in crime so in he jumps into this finely crafted murder mystery.
When Luke Fitzwilliam retires from a police position in an Eastern location and returns to England, he's not expecting to instantly begin investigating a series of murders in a small village. And when an elderly lady relates her story to him en route to London to report the suspected murders to Scotland Yard, he thinks she has an overly-active imagination. Then he sees an article in the newspaper about her being killed by an automobile while crossing the street to Scotland Yard. A few days later he sees an obituary for the old woman's next predicted murder victim. The policeman in him can't resign and he soon finds himself in the aforementioned village under a false pretense, but with the intent to get to the bottom of the murders the old woman didn't get the chance to report. If all the victims on her list were actually murdered, he knows he's dealing with a psychopathic killer. As always, the question in Agatha Christie's novel is Who-Dun-It? The story has plenty of twists which will keep you guessing to the last minute and also an unexpected romance for Luke Fitzwilliam. Note: Inspector Battle arrives on the scene towards the end of the book but mostly in time to make an arrest. He's not really involved in solving the mystery so I wouldn't call this an Inspector Battle story.
This is one of Christie's romantic mysteries with lots of characters--all of them suspects in several village deaths. Luke Fitzwilliam has just returned to England after several years abroad. He has retired from his job as a policeman, but due to the cryptic remarks of an old lady he meets on the train who is going to Scotland Yard to report the murders, he becomes involved in the investigation. The old lady is killed by a hit and run driver. Luke goes to the village undercover and meets Bridget Conway and falls in love. By investigation and deductive reasoning, he sorts it all out.
adventure time
Murder is Easy. However, writing great murder mysteries is not! Dame Agatha Christie was at the top of her game writing this excellent novel in the scary year of 1939. Dame Agatha proves again in this one that she is the Queen of Crime!
The intricate plot,with a cast of fascinating characters, concerns a series of horrible murders in the village of
Wychwood set in rural England. Luke Fitzwilliam has returned to Britain following several years in Malaysia. He meet Mrs Lavinia Fullerton on a train heading for London, The old lady is traveling to Scotland Yard to report a series of murders in Wychwood. She is murdered by being pushed in front of a speeding motor car. Luke is intrigued and decides to investigate the case. He enters into a romance with Bridget Conway, Together the pair team up to solve the crime. Who is the murderer? The weird Lord Easterfield who has many skeletons in his closet? Jim Harvey the local mechanic who was in love with the murdered Amy ? Old Major Horton whose shrewish wife was poisoned?
Honoria Waynflete who was made at Eastefield for jilting her and taking up with Bridget? Whodunit??? Read and it will be revealed unto thee!
The story has many twists and turns before the person guilty of the murders is uncovered in a spectacular ending which will chill the bones and bruise the frayed nerves of the reader!
Agatha Christie wrote in a simple style easy to understand. She makes it easy to keep the many characters straight as the clues are followed leading to the satisfying ending. This reviewer recently saw "Murder is Easy" on Masterpiece Mystery. The BBC film was good but this book (which differs in significant ways from the film) is even better! Nothing profound here just pure sleuthing joy!