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  • ISBN 1780620055
  • ISBN13 978-1780620053
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  • Publisher Indigo (September 15, 2011)
  • Language English
  • Rating 4.6
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Shelter by Harlan Coben

Reviews about Shelter

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I am one of the biggest Coben fans out there but I will admit I was a little skeptical about the start of this series. However, I am glad I read it. This novel is a lot like the Myron Bolitar novels, fast and furious plot, great characters and a mystery that is hard to put down.

This novel basically starts with Mickey being the new guy in school. It doesn't take the new guy long to get into trouble, which all centers around an old woman(the boogyman... woman of the town) an old mystery and a new friend that has disappeared. Mickey much like his uncle Myron is one on the case. With his other new friends, Ema and Spoon there to help he must figure out a secret that is connected to his father and a missing young girl who needs all the help she can get.

The novels spends back to Live Wire several times and also our old buddy Myron shows up several times as well. Part of the mystery of this novel is actually introduced in Live Wire and I do recommend reading that before jumping into this one. Chances are the person reading this is a fan of Coben and has gobbled up all of Myron's novels as quick as I have. This is a must read for a Coben fan or a fan of the Myron Bolitar series.

Grade A+
I was anxious to read Shelter (Book One): A Mickey Bolitar Novel by Harlan Coben because I've read all of the Myron Bolitar novels by Coben and adore the characters in those novels. I feel as if Myron, his best friend Win, Esperanza, and the other characters are people I know.

So when Coben decided to branch off into Young Adult Fiction, I followed even though I don't normally read YA, because this series stars Myron Bolitar's nephew Mickey. Of course, I hoped that Myron and the gang would make appearances in this new series.

Blurb It

If you're a Myron Bolitar fan, you already know that his brother was mentioned belatedly in the series, surprising readers who thought Myron was an only child. When Coben decided to go YA, he brought Myron's brother on to the scene, only to kill him off almost immediately. That was the setup that resulted in Myron's nephew Mickey coming to live with him.

Mickey witnessed his father's death and watched his mom come apart at the seams. With his Uncle Myron's help, he gets his mom into rehab. Mickey has all the usual resentment toward the uncle who was never part of his life. Combine that with the usual teen angst, and you have a mixed up kid who's convinced life sucks. Throw in being the new kid at school, and Mickey is thoroughly miserable.

Meeting Ashley makes him think life is improving, but she disappears. Determined to find out what happened to her, Mickey follows the clues. With the help of two new friends who practically wear the loser label, Mickey finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy that makes him question everything, including the death of his father.

I enjoyed the book and its plot and characters. My only quibble with Shelter is that Coben uses descriptions originally used by Myron and friends. For instance, Myron is known for describing beautiful women as knee-knockers. Mickey uses this label too, but it's anachronistic for Mickey's generation. Because of the way the characterization is constructed, it's also not a phrase he'd pick up from his uncle whom he barely knows. Other than a few things like this, the book was a delight.

If you're looking for a solid mystery, don't pass up Shelter (Book One): A Mickey Bolitar Novel.
SHELTER was an exciting mystery with charismatic characters and a well-developed plot. Mickey Bolitar is living with his uncle Myron in New Jersey. His father died in a car accident and his mother became a drug addict. Myron and his father were estranged and Mickey is not warming to his new uncle.

Mickey is only a sophomore in high school but is very mature for his age. He and his parents traveled the world working for a non-profit organization. They came back to the US to make a more settled home for Mickey for his last three years of high school. Mickey is a talented basketball star, much like his uncle Myron.

Now that Mickey is living with Myron while his mother is in rehab, he is starting school in the town where his father and uncle were raised. He makes friends with Ashley, who is also a new kid, and is then distressed when after three weeks of school she disappears. He also makes friends with Ema who is an overweight, goth girl who is one of the school's social outcasts and Spoon who is a unique character and who adds some humor to the story with his non sequitur trivia. Of course, Spoon also has access to school keys since his father is a janitor there. Together the three investigate Ashley's disappearance and learn about the white slavery trade, Nazi war crimes, and what Mickey's parents were really doing in their time overseas.

I liked all the characters and especially liked Mickey. I look forward to reading the next book in the Mickey Bolitar series--especially since this one left some tantalizing questions that need answers.
I have read most of Harlan Coben's books and loved them. However, I avoided the Mickey Bolitar books, since they were for young adults. Big mistake. I read this book in a day........couldn't put it down. What a ride! Mr. Coben can spin a plot like no other. Can't wait to read the rest of this series!