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LifeSmart by Lisa B. Fiore

LifeSmart  by Lisa B. Fiore
  • Author Lisa B. Fiore
  • Title LifeSmart
  • Category Other
  • Subcategory Social Sciences
  • ISBN 0078035244
  • ISBN13 978-0078035241
  • Size PDF 1272 kb
  • Size FB2 1875 kb
  • Size EPUB 1458 kb
  • Publisher McGraw-Hill Education; 1 edition (October 2011)
  • Language English
  • Rating 4.8
  • Votes 206
  • Pages 368 pages

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Reviews about LifeSmart by Lisa B. Fiore

Incorrect information on preterm birth and premature infants, often makes sweeping and broad generalizations. It is hard to tell whether this is because the text attempts to take on too much material in one volume or the target audience. Regardless, the layout and design make this a terrible volume for an academic audience beyond secondary education and even then, the conveyance of inaccurate information and lack of proper APA source citation is egregious. Faculty choosing this book as a text should be warned. LifeSmart
This textbook contains a great deal of inaccurate and inexact information. Likewise, the content is presented in an overly simplistic fashion (e.g., the author devotes more page space to photos and graphics than concept focused text). As well, the concepts are presented in a very surface manner that lacks sufficient detail to offer a sound conceptual grasp to students. Simply stated, it is 1 step below useless.
For textbook in the form of a magazine, I thought this book was over priced: however the material presented was excellent. I was amazed at all the information it contained about humans beings and the way we grow and adapt to our surroundings.
Easy book to study, love the examples and the explanations of concepts. I got an A on the class I use it for. I highly recommend, as long as you don't try to resell it back it comes on paperback. I would recommend you RENTED from AMAZON, its cheaper than Barnes & Nobles and I found the terms are even better.
I think this textbook is terrible. Most of you reading this (myself included) will be required to get it for the course you are taking, and have no voice in whether or not it is used. (I have submitted these same comments directly to my university.)

It is oversimplified. I am saddened that especially with a subject like psychology (which is highly narrative and anecdotal) we have sunk to the level of glossy magazine books because we are unable to stay focused enough to read actual high level text. We have to support it with "the latest trends in movies" and a retrospective on the characters from Twilight. Ugh.

It makes incredibly biased assumptions with statements like "findings say..." without supporting those findings with references. I would highly disagree with the book's statements on hospital births, the appropriate use of C-sections, the origins of classroom education, and (these are frequent) how everything in the end comes back to being poor. (and that's just up to chapter 7.) I agree that Hollywood has social influence on the reality of development. But that doesn't mean I should let them define my textbooks.

My urge to professors considering this text is to find a text that is more thorough and balanced, and allow your students to engage the ideas in the classroom, rather than allowing the book to communicate them in a "hip and social way" that is incredibly limited. Also, as a side note, it is clumsy on Kindle, for those who might be considering the digital version.
was missing access code, perhaps I was not aware of it when I decided to rent now having to purchase the access code separately. However, it arrived fast condition/ used average and a little bent but still functional for class work and reading
This was a rental and it worked out perfectly.
Great for class and loved the way it described items to make it easier to understand