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Basic German: CD/Book Package (LL(R) Complete Basic Courses) by Living Language

Basic German: CD/Book Package (LL(R) Complete Basic Courses)  by Living Language
  • Author Living Language
  • Title Basic German: CD/Book Package (LL(R) Complete Basic Courses)
  • Category Other
  • Subcategory Humanities
  • ISBN 0609602772
  • ISBN13 978-0609602775
  • Size PDF 1902 kb
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  • Size EPUB 1153 kb
  • Publisher Living Language (April 28, 1998)
  • Language English
  • Rating 4.7
  • Votes 227

Speak German with confidence in just 6 weeks!Living Language German Complete Course is a step-by-step guide to the basics of German conversation and grammar. This revised course uses the highly effective speed-learning method developed by U.S. government experts to teach foreign languages to overseas-bound servicemen and diplomats.40 lessons on three compact disksBegin with simple words and phrases and progress to more complex expressions. Just listen and repeat after the native speakers.Only German is spoken on the recordings, so you learn naturally, the way you learned English. The accompanying German Coursebook includes the English translations.German CoursebookThe pocket-size book contains all the translated phrases from the recorded lessons, plus additional vocabulary, detailed explanations, and quizzes.The book also features verb charts with all tenses included and a comprehensive summary of German grammar.German-English/English-German DictionaryMore than 15,000 words are defined.Idiomatic expressions and common phrases show how words are used in everyday conversation. The dictionary doubles as a phrasebook.1,000 of the most frequently used words are highlighted for easy reference.The best-selling language course that really works--revised, updated, and expanded!For Beginners or Those Who Want a Thorough Review

Reviews about Basic German: CD/Book Package (LL(R) Complete Basic Courses) by Living Language

Better than "Dummies" but could have a few English words to lead into sentences so I don't need to go to manual for vocab I don't remember. Otherwise very helpful.
Received the package in perfect condition. No complaints.
Taking Spanish at a senior center and this is perfect for learning the basic
language.Ordered several for the whole class.
It is a great product and I have enjoyed using it to reinforce and refresh my French and Spanish. The product is accurate, transferred it to iPod for traveling.
This set doesn't compare to the Rosetta Stone software available now, but if you find this in a bargain bin somewhere grab it. The CDs really helped learn a bit of German and was more usable than the Rosetta stone is now since I traveled a lot back while using it.
The biggest problem with this course is that it is so boring. The book is just a collection of words and phrases--no dialogs, no pictures, nothing even remotely interesting to add a real-life context to what you are learning. The CDs are merely recordings of what's in the book. Basically, you learn in this course by just listening and repeating, like a parrot, the various words and phrases. And yes, in the long run, that system might "work". But it is completely unenjoyable, dry, and bland. And it gives you no conversation practice, so you'd have trouble actually communicating with German speakers--language is about more than merely memorizing. You need to learn to formulate your own sentences and thoughts, and this course doesn't teach that at all. However, if you would like to practice your pronunciation, then it would be very useful, as the recordings are crystal clear. And it might work well in conjunction with another course to give you extra practice. But don't try to learn German on your own using only this course unless you can sit for hours and be a parrot.